Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Friday said the wife of a government employee would be the first among the family members to receive his terminal (pension) benefits in case of her husband’s death.

Justice S. Abdul Nazeer passed the order on a petition in which the mother and wife of a government employee, who had died while in service, had claimed the first right over the terminal benefits.

Hearing the case on Friday, Justice Nazeer said accepting the arguments of the Government that Rule 302 read with Rule 292 of the Karnataka State Civil Service (KSCS) Rules would apply to State Government employees, the pension benefits would have to be distributed among the family members, ass is envisaged in the rules, he said.


A Division Bench comprising Justice V. Gopala Gowda and Justice Arali Nagaraj admitted an appeal by the State on Friday, against a resident of Mysore in the case relating to conversion of land.

In its appeal, the State had said that in case a land is specifically reserved for a particular purpose (for example as a park or playground) in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) or Outline Development Plan (ODP) of a city, there cannot be any conversion of land for commercial or non-agricultural purposes.