Condemning the ongoing controversy over naming the proposed central university at Srirangapatna after Tipu Sultan, veteran journalist and president of Karnatak Vidyavardhaka Sangha Patil Puttappa said the debate is totally unwarranted.

In a release, Mr. Puttappa said if a varsity is established, students belonging to all communities will benefit. If the higher educational institute is named after Tipu Sultan, it does not mean that its students will be restricted to the Muslim community alone. Students from non-Muslim communities will also get an opportunity. So why are some people jealous over setting up the university in Tipu’s native place under his name, Mr. Puttappa asked.

Mr. Puttappa said Tipu Sultan was a tragic hero in the history of the Indian freedom movement.

He dedicated his entire life to fight against the British to prevent the colonisation of India. But he is being referred to in a derogatory manner, he added.

Tipu Sultan is being branded as an anti-Hindu king. If this was true, why did he appoint Purnaiah as his Diwan and why did he allow the Ranghanathaswamy temple to exist near his palace?

Mr. Puttappa said one can better understand the contributions of Tipu Sultan if his history was studied with an unprejudiced mindset.