The Supreme Court's judgment on Friday restoring the membership of 16 MLAs has roiled Karnataka politics once again.The Hinduspoke to a cross section of Bangaloreans and listened to what they had to say.

I think defection is a political issue in India. The MLAs, who had switched their allegiance, are not taking any clear stance. It is an instance of dirty politics.”

Dolat KuriakosehomemakerThe Governor's decision to recommend dissolution of the Government when the ruling party has the majority is not justified. The 11 MLAs had not defected, they were only expressing their dissent.

B. R. Shetty

senior citizen The Governor is perfectly right in what he is doing. The Yeddyurappa Government is clearly corrupt. The Government must be removed and fresh elections held.

Chidananda MurthybusinessmanThe current Government has been corrupt all through. Change is always good and in this case there is need for change. The oscillating loyalties of certain MLAs clearly show political motivation from various quarters. I think elections must be held as soon as possible.

Siddharth Jeevaganengineering student There has been non-stop crisis for the BJP in Karnataka. However, there is no other option for the people. Each government is as bad as the next one. The Governor is not right in his move [sack the Government].”

Revathi Tiwariruns a play homeI'm disappointed that there is no stable Government in the State. We ought to have elections as soon as possible so that a new Government can be elected. [Right now, there's] too much infighting and isn't good for the State. We just need some stability.”

M.D. Zakriya,roadside stall owner