Minister for Tourism and Higher Education R.V. Deshpande said on Monday that he would accept the guidance and suggestions of Governor H.R. Bhardwaj, who is also the Chancellor of universities in the State, on the functioning of universities.

He said: “The Governor is a constitutional head and we honour him; we take his comments and observations as suggestions to initiate steps and set right the anomalies.” He, however, did not elaborate on the same.

The Minister said steps were being taken by his department to inquire into allegations and functioning of universities to streamline them.

“As far as possible, we are trying to function in a transparent manner, even in appointment of vice-chancellors and registrars to various universities,” he said.

When his attention was drawn to the stand-off between the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar (administration) at Vijayanagar Sri Krishnadevaraya University in Bellary, Mr. Deshpande said that Vice-Chancellors should stop going to the press.

Reacting to the outcome of election results in the five northern States, Mr. Deshpande said the credit for the victory should definitely not go to Narendra Modi.

“Though the results were not as per our expectations, we have to bow to the verdict of the people. Price rise might have been a major set back for the Congress. However, this does not mean that the Congress does not exist,” he added.