Karnataka Minister for Minor Irrigation Shivaraj S. Tangadagi on Wednesday announced that the government would take up a watershed project based on the Rajasthan model in five districts of the State to help recharge groundwater.

Replying to Bharatiya Janata Party member B.J. Puttaswamy during Question Hour in the Legislative Council, the Minister said that the project would be taken up in Koppal, Bijapur, Gadag, Kolar and Chickballapur districts.

Under this project, a series of small dams and pick-ups would be constructed, wherever it is feasible, to store water in a natural way. This would not only ensure availability of water even after the rainy season, but also go a long way in recharging groundwater, the Minister said.

He said that a similar project in Rajasthan had turned out to be successful. He and senior officials of his department had visited Rajasthan to study the project, he noted.

Though the BJP members wanted him to emulate the Gujarat model and urged him to visit that State to study its example, the Minister said that the Rajasthan model was more appropriate for Karnataka.

‘The Rajasthan model is the most appropriate for the State’