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The reason: power shutdown at Thippagondanahalli

‘It will take another day for pumping to be restored’

‘KPTCL had only announced a two-hour shutdown’

BANGALORE: Water supply in the city, especially in the western and northern areas, will be disrupted on Monday following power shutdown at the Thippagondanahalli Reservoir on Sunday.

Sources in the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) said that Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) had initially announced a two-hour shutdown at Thippagondanahalli for maintenance work but it could not complete the work in the stipulated time. Power supply was yet to be restored. As a result pumping of water from this reservoir was stopped. Officials said it would take another day for pumping to be restored.


Meanwhile, the water board is planning a scheduled 24-hour shutdown at Thorekadanahalli on May 14 or May 15 to take up repair works on its 1200 mm diameter pipelines near Sathnur. As a result, areas in the east, west and south-eastern parts of Bangalore will be affected, the sources said.

A top BWSSB official told The Hindu that the work involved replacing of the reflex valve of the Cauvery 1st Stage pipeline. He said this valve, which was installed in 1974, needed to be replaced immediately because it had corroded and was not functioning properly.

This problem was noticed 15 days ago by the officials who realised that if the work was not taken up immediately, the problem would aggravate. The official said this work would mean stopping of pumping of 270 MLD of water to the city from the Cauvery 1st and 2nd stages for one day.

The officials will discuss this at a meeting on Tuesday and obtain approval from the board chairman.

The reflex valve is connected to the 1200 mm diameter pipelines of the Cauvery 1st Stage and weighs around 10 tonnes.

The sources said if it gives away, the board would require a minimum of 20 hours to mobilise men and material for repair work. Hence, it was decided to take up work immediately. The cost of this work was estimated at Rs. 20 lakh, the sources added.