Water-level in Bhadra Reservoir has gone down

Sanjay Shettannanavar, Commissioner of city corporation, has said that the release of water into the Bhadra right canal had been stopped since May 17 and consequently, the corporation had to manage with the quantity of water available in the storage to meet the drinking water needs.

Mr. Shettannanavar said in a press statement here on Sunday that the corporation had contemplated steps to tide over the situation.

Drinking water would henceforth be supplied at certain intervals, depending upon the availability of water in different tanks, he said appealed to people to use water judiciously.

Earlier, the Command Area Development Authority of Bhadra Reservoir had decided to release water till May 23 but stopped it abruptly because of depletion. Water release could not be resumed till adequate rain occurs in the catchment area.

At present, the comprehensive water tank was almost full and the water level in Kunduwada lake was 3.55 mm.

With these sources, the city corporation had to manage the supply of drinking water to the whole city during the summer, he said.

  • ‘Corporation has to manage with water available in the storage tank, Kunduwada lake’

  • ‘From now on, water will be supplied to all areas at certain intervals’