For scores of students who recently passed out of engineering colleges affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), their incomplete mark lists are a cause for worry.

A week after the VTU released the eighth or final semester results, several engineering students in colleges across the State are yet to receive their complete results. Moreover, the last date for submission of applications for re-evaluation was July 7, and students are anxious that they will miss out on the opportunity.

Frequent visits

For instance, a student from a leading engineering college in Bangalore finds the letter ‘W' (denoting result withheld) against two exam paper results. Another student of the same college from another branch finds a similar result in another subject. Upon repeated visits and petitions to the VTU regional office, they were told that the errors were due to “coding mistakes” and would be rectified in due time. However, with last dates for admissions to other institutes of higher learning and even universities overseas fast approaching, these students claim that they have no time to spare.

“We have been waiting for a week. Since our university has announced the results, other students have been able to turn in their applications. If the university does not speed up our results, we will have to lose a year,” said a student. Another furious parent claimed that the university was making students and parents go from pillar to post. “When we contact colleges, they ask us to go to the university and protest. However, university authorities are simply avoiding our repeated pleas,” the parents said.

Registrar's view

When contacted, VTU registrar K.V.A. Balaji said that the issue would be sorted out as soon as possible. “I am aware of the problem. With different colleges, the issues are different. While it is coding error for some students, in others the results have been withheld due to lack of information. In the case of one Bangalore-based college, the results were despatched, but the college has not received the packet. All these issues will be sorted out at the earliest,” Dr. Balaji assured students. The number of students affected is not too high and the VTU has been able to stick to its one-month deadline in releasing results, he added.

  • Eighth semester results have incomplete mark lists
  • Last date for applying for re-evaluation is over