The slew of development works , including the Kabini drinking water project, inaugurated in recent weeks, the launch of Intelligent Transport System and the proposed upgrading of 10 medical colleges in the State, has kicked up a storm.

The Congress has expressed “disgust” over the “cheap and shameless” politics of the BJP for not acknowledging the contribution of the Centre in all these works. Taking umbrage at the attitude of the Mysore district in-charge Minister S.A. Ramdas for not giving due credit to the Centre, A.H. Vishwanath, MP, on Monday flayed the “petty mindset” of the BJP for hijacking credit for the Union government’s initiatives.

Mr. Vishwanath lashed out at Mr. Ramdas for projecting the Intelligent Transport System as his “gift to the people” and said: “it was the taxpayers’ money released by the Centre”.

The Centre conceived the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) under which the State and the local body contribute 10 per cent each of the cost while the remaining comes from the Union government.

The funding for the Intelligent Transport System, launched in Mysore last week, came from the Centre, which released Rs. 27.26 crore, he said.

Under JNNURM, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation’s Mysore division has been allocated Rs. 137 crore, while Rs. 1,800 crore has been allocated to KSRTC in Bangalore for transport management.

“But they purchased a fleet of buses without doing anything in transport management. The KSRTC bus-stand in Mysore has been given for commercial activities for hefty rentals, denying the public better facilities, claimed Mr. Vishwanath.

He criticised the local bodies and the BJP government for shoddy implementation of projects. “Money has been siphoned off and politicians have received commissions and kickbacks from contractors,” he alleged.

The Centre had committed to release Rs. 1,050 crore towards seven new medical colleges proposed to be started in the State during 2013–14, while the State would provide only Rs. 350 crore. This aspect (of the Centre’s contribution) should be made known to the public, said Mr. Vishwanath.

Similarly, the Centre was financing the proposed upgrading of 10 medical colleges in the State by releasing Rs. 850 crore, he added.