In an unexpected development, a formal identification procedure conducted during the post-mortem revealed that the seventh employee, who is missing, is in fact Noor Hussain and not Nadeem Khan as was told by the police on Monday.

Police officials had said that Nadeem Khan (23) had been identified among the six who had been asphyxiated to death in the inferno.

Officials said Salman and Shamshuddin, brothers of Sartaj — one of the victims — who had identified the bodies on Monday, were called once again to the Rajarajeshwari Hospital during the post-mortem.

Police said the duo had mistaken Nadeem Khan as Noor Hussain. Once the faces of the victims were cleaned and shown to them, the brothers were able to identify the victim as Nadeem Khan, said the officials.

Noor Hussain, who is said to have gone out prior to the fire to get a cup of tea after bolting the shutter from the outside, is yet to be traced.