‘We have put some conditions on using the lake area'

Lake surroundings are home to 430 bird species: VC

MYSORE: Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mysore V.G. Talawar on Wednesday clarified that the university had not denied permission for staging a nine-hour play based on “Malegalalli Madumagalu” of Kuvempu in the surroundings of the Kukkarahalli Lake, which is under the university, but had put some conditions on using the lake surroundings owing to the presence of various bird species.

“The university is not in favour of the play staged at multiple locations in the lake area for the reason that the noise from loudspeakers and temporary structures used in the production may disturb the bird habitat. Moreover, the vegetation in the lake precincts is dry and a spark can result in fire. For such reasons, we have asked the producers to stage the play in the area near Rangayana,” Prof. Talawar told presspersons here. He said the lake surroundings were home to 430 bird species and the sound and platforms proposed to be built atop the trees (to watch the play to be staged for 30 days) could pose a threat to birds.

“We would not have taken exception if the play was staged during the day when birds are away, but it is staged at night when the birds roost on the trees around the lake precincts. Moreover, it is difficult to control the crowd if the large area of the lake is used to stage the play,” Prof. Talawar said.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the possibilities of fire were more as the vegetation was dry owing to summer and a spark (perhaps from a cigarette butt too) could lead to fire. “We need to look at the safety aspects too,” he said.

He said though the producers told the university authorities that they would use the natural settings of the lake to stage the play, they went against their commitment by building temporary structures and dumping truckloads of mud in the lake area.

Registrar E.T. Puttaiah said the production team had not responded to the conditions laid down by the university for using the lake area to stage the play. “Our only appeal is that the team should ensure lesser noise and use the lake area away from the place where the birds roost,” he said.