Well-known ornithologist J.C. Uttangi’s contribution to Indian ornithology was hailed at a function to release his biography, “Uttangiyavara Uttungada Sadhanegalu”, at Karnatak Vidyavardhak Sangha here on Thursday.

Ornithologist N.A. Madhyastha said Mr. Uttangi gave a new dimension to ornithology in Karnataka with a focus on the species of the Western Ghats.

The findings of his deep and dedicated research had not only explored many new things but also changed the perceptions pertaining to ornithology in modern times, he said.

Mr. Madhyastha said Mr. Uttangi’s life and works as an ornithologist should be the guiding spirit to the youth to take up ornithology as a career. Absence of serious studies pertaining to birds was one of the reasons for the fast decline of bird species in India. Taking up a career in ornithology would help one remain active even after retirement, he said. He expressed the hope that Mr. Uttangi’s biography authored by R. Parimala would play a role in encouraging the youth to show interest in exploring opportunities in the amazing field of ornithology.

Academic Ajith Prasad, who released the biography, said society and the government should recognise the contribution of persons such as Mr. Uttangi so that others could get inspiration from them.