The United Tribals' Associations' Alliance (UTAA), a consortium of tribal people from Goa, on Friday addressed a petition to Chairman of State Human Rights Commission complaining about injustice to tribal people and the murder of tribal youths in recent agitation.

In its petition, a copy of which was made available toThe Hindu, Prakash Velip, president of UTAA, said injustice had been done by Goa government to tribal people.

They had been agitating and fighting for their constitutional rights for last four years.

On May 25, under the UTAA, they started an agitation at Balli-Quepem, around 60 km. from Panaji, but the government with its police force and other law and order enforcement officials tried to crush the agitation. A lathi charge was ordered on the crowd in which even women were not spared.

In his petition, Mr. Velip said: “When the crowd was dispersing after the agitation, some local goons with the help of the police caught hold of our activists and began beating them mercilessly. Some youths were inside cashew godowns of Achal Bhavan and Aadarsh Bhavan, agro-bodies headed by tribal leaders, which were set afire around 50 metres from the venue of the agitation.

  • ‘Even women protesters were not spared'

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