: “The two budgets presented by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government are anti-people. They will only lead to price rise and make life difficult for the common man,” Deputy Chief Minister R. Ashok said here on Friday. He said: “The party that keeps claiming that there are no new taxes in the budgets decides to dismantle the administered price mechanism for fuel. It seems as if leaders like P. Chidambaram have decided to make petrol cost Rs. 100 a litre and diesel Rs. 75 in the next six months. When that happens, the common man would have no option but to go on foot everywhere.” FDI in retail would destroy small businesses, he said and added that voters had seen through the UPA leaders’ lies and were waiting to teach them a lesson. “Some new parties have come up in the State and they will be defeated in the ULB elections,” he said. History showed that in Karnataka voters favoured only national parties, Mr. Ashok added.