Sugandhi Ravindranathan

BANGALORE: Getting an unexpected holiday throws up interesting situations. Schoolchildren were largely gleeful following the extended holiday on Tuesday.

The older ones were cramming for their final examinations which they were doing anyway while the young ones headed for their favourite hangouts: either the playground, Playstation or the nearby mall.

Said a teen: "I slept all of yesterday because I've been studying for my prelims. Today I ate all day." As for her brother, "he's been out playing on the road because nobody has school."

For those who had to work for a living, it was a different story. Many of those with posh cars preferred not to drive them to work just in case... So taxi and autorickshaw drivers had a golden run making the best use of the situation.

Those who did use their vehicles found driving a pleasure. "It wasn't as nice as driving during a bandh or an autorickshaw strike, but it was manageable. I didn't curse even once," said a veteran.