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They want permission for home food

Security tightened around Mysore prison

Convicted prisoners keep away from agitation

MYSORE: Undertrials in the Mysore Central Prison went on a fast on Wednesday demanding that they be allowed to get food from their houses.

According to police sources, 300 undertrials have launched an agitation. They boycotted breakfast at 6 a.m. However, the convicted prisoners went ahead with their daily routine which begins with the breakfast.

Jail officials rushed to the prison following the incident and believed to have tried to pacify the undertrials citing the prison rules. But the undertrials insisted that they be allowed to get food from their houses as they are not satisfied with the food served in the prison.

Jail Superintendent Veerabhadraswamy, Deputy Jail Superintendent Anita and Assistant Commissioner of Police (N.R. Division) Ganesh held a meeting following the agitation.

Mr. Ganesh told The Hindu that he had visited the prison which was under his division. As a precautionary measure, a KSRP platoon had been deployed outside the prison.

Sources said the jail officials scanned the undertrials and prisoners and their barracks as they suspected that the some of the inmates had been using mobile phones and marijuana.

On Sunday, two inmates clashed and one of them suffered head injuries. It was alleged that they fought over the issue of sharing marijuana, though the jail authorities denied it.

Close on the heels of this incident, the jail authorities inspected the barracks and frisked each inmate for mobile phones and marijuana. “Perhaps, this action could be one of the prime reasons for the agitation,” the sources said.

The sources said dinner was being served to the inmates at 4 p.m., but the undertrials raised objections for serving food so early. They had been carrying food to their cells to eat it at night.

Despite the jail officials’ intervention, the undertrials refused to eat food and wanted to air their grievances before the Inspector General of Prisons.