The Postal Department should transfer deposits lying unclaimed, including those in inoperative accounts, after three-year time lapse to government accounts to avert the possibility of fraud linked to such deposits of citizens, demanded right to information (RTI) activist Subhash Chandra Agarwal from New Delhi.

Referring to a recent direction issued by Central Information Commissioner(CIC) Basant Seth to postal-authorities to reveal 100 largest amounts lying unclaimed out of a total such ‘silent’ accounts having a sum of unclaimed Rs. 752.44 crore. Mr. Agarwal said such accounts, especially of senior citizens, were prone to frauds from unscrupulous postal employees.

He disclosed that the recent verdict of the CIC had further directed the postal authorities to reveal guidelines, etc., for informing and remitting this money to depositors or their legal heirs.

There is a provision of transferring such unclaimed dividends of companies to a government fund after three years. Similar provision should be made for all unclaimed deposits in post-offices having been parked in ‘silent’ accounts for three years also to avoid frauds, said the RTI activist.

He said old people were deposited their money in post-offices without informing their children. Sometimes, these people even told the post-office employees that their children were not aware of their deposits. Mr. Agarwal apprehended that postal-employees could withdraw money from such accounts after the death of depositors.

  • Such accounts are prone to frauds from postal employees: RTI activist

  • ‘Old people sometimes deposit money without informing their children’