UAS sets up Organic Jaggery Technology Park in Sankeshwar

Changing times:UAS Dharwad Vice-Chancellor R.R. Hanchinal, Shivalingeshwar Swami of Nidasoshi and Agriculture Minister Umesh V. Katti at the organic jaggery production unit during the inauguration of the Organic Jaggery Technology Park in Sankeshwar on Monday.— Photo: D.B. Patil  

It has come up on 21.62 ha of land at a cost of Rs. 3 crore

Shivalingeshwar Swami of Nidasoshi inaugurated the Organic Jaggery Technology Park established by the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad, in Sankeshwar in Belgaum district on Monday.

The park has been established in Sankeshwar on 21.62 hectares of land at a cost of Rs. 3 crore.

UAS Vice-Chancellor R.R. Hanchinal said that the establishment of the jaggery park at Sankeshwar would give a boost to the ongoing efforts to popularise organic jaggery in Belgaum district, also known as the sugar bowl of Karnataka.

Prof. Hanchinal said that the Jaggery Technology Park has a jaggery production unit and a laboratory which can be used for conducting research on sugarcane. The jaggery production unit has been equipped with modern juice extraction mechanism with optimum fuel efficiency because of the use of fibre and insulation bricks.

In sharp contrast to the local jaggery making units set up by farmers in their fields using a crude method, the jaggery produced at the park was pure and free from chemicals. About 65 per cent of the juice from sugarcane could be extracted as against hardly 50 per cent if traditional methods are adopted by farmers. And, in future, if better quality of sugarcane is made available, then 75 per cent of the juice extracted could be used for producing good quality jaggery and its byproducts. If farmers are made aware how the new Jaggery Technology Park can help them produce better quality of jaggery, then it will in a way prevent diversion of sugarcane from the district to the sugar mills situated far away. The UAS-Dharwad has also planned to conduct training in production of jaggery for farmers, achieving cost effectiveness, increasing sugarcane productivity and marketing strategies, Prof. Hanchinal said.

Minister for Agriculture and Belgaum district in-charge Umesh V. Katti said he was keen to have the unit in Sankeshwar in his home taluk Hukkeri for the benefit of growers.

The park is equipped with a jaggery production unit and a laboratory

UAS-Dharwad to impart training in jaggery production and marketing strategies to farmers

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