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One had taken Rs. 1 lakh from home

The boys, aged around 16, were found at a KSRTC depotOne of them wanted to buy a cellphone

Bangalore: Members of BOSCO, a non-governmental organisation working with street children, on Saturday reunited two youngsters, who had run away from home, with their parents.

BOSCO volunteers found two boys, aged around 16 years, roaming in a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus depot on Saturday afternoon. The boys said they had come from Doddballapur and refused to give any other information. The volunteers took the two youngsters to the BOSCO centre.

"We questioned and searched them. Both the boys had around Rs. 50,000 each in their pockets. They refused to tell us from where they had got the money. Finally one of the boys revealed that he had taken the money (which was close to Rs. 1 lakh) from his house without the knowledge of his parents and had come here to buy a mobile [phone]," said Edward Thomas, executive director of BOSCO.

The boy who had taken the money coaxed his friend to come along. They took a bus from Doddballapur to Bangalore, and only halfway into the journey did the other boy came to know that his friend had stolen a large amount of money from his house, Fr. Thomas said.

"The boy was from a well-to-do family, and it seemed that his father was a little strict. The idea was to buy a mobile and go to Mysore and spend the money just to have some fun. He also seemed to be very casual about the whole affair. We got the addresses of their parents. The parents came here to take them away and we told them that the boy needed further counselling," Fr. Thomas said.