Two members of Karnataka Balvikas Academy (KBA) have resigned protesting against the State Government's decision to remove Shankar Halagatti as chairman of the academy.

Roopa Hassan and Annapoorna A.S. handed in their resignation letters to the KBA project officer here on Saturday.

Their letters said Mr. Halagatti was the most eligible person for the post of KBA chairman as he had been actively engaged in activities for children and had played a key role in the formation of the academy.


Terming Mr. Halagatti's removal as an insult to the children's literary and cultural field, they said the Government's decision was a shock to all as it came at a time when the National Children's Festival was on in Dharwad. It was sad that the Government was doing this to settle political scores, they said.

Meanwhile, Ningu Solagi and other members have threatened to resign as academy members if Mr. Halagatti is not reinstated as chairman within seven days.

  • The move is in protest against Government's decision to remove Halagatti as chairman
  • Other members too have threatened to quit if Halagatti is not reinstated within a week