Special Correspondent

Parts of Mysore district received heavy rain between Tuesday and Thursday

There is no deficit in the quantum of rainfall

MYSORE: Two persons died when the houses in which they were sleeping collapsed owing to heavy rain during the past 48 hours in the district.

The victims have been identified as Kamalamma (65) of Mahadeva Colony in Duddagere village in Varuna hobli, who died around 1.30 a.m. on Thursday, and Ganapa (45) of Rani Gate in Periyapatana taluk, who died around 6 a.m.

Three persons have been shifted to the K.R. Hospital for treatment. They have been identified as Muthaiah, Lakshmamma and Kavya from Duddagere.

Parts of Mysore district received heavy rain between Tuesday night and Thursday morning.

Though there was a delay in the onset of monsoon, there is no deficit in the quantum of rainfall which was made good during July. Most taluks in Mysore district received normal to above normal rainfall and H.D. Kote taluk received 433.1 mm till July 13, 2009, as against the monthly average of 405.6 mm from January to July.

Similarly, Hunsur received 396.6 mm as against the average of 329.5 mm and K.R. Nagar received 301.9 mm as against 338.1 mm. Mysore taluk received 238.2 mm as against the average of 326.7 mm, but the difference is likely to even out if the rainfall data for Tuesday and Wednesday is taken into account. Nanjangud taluk received 187.4 mm as against 286.2 mm, while Periyapatana taluk received 463 mm as against the average of 394.4 mm for the period between January and July. T. Narsipura received 238 mm as against the average of 275.3 mm. The district’s average rainfall till July is 336 mm against which it received 322 mm till July 13, 2009. The average rainfall for July is 96.7 mm and by July 13, Mysore district received 70.7 mm, according to the Department of Agriculture here.

The district’s average rainfall for the period from January to July is 336 mm as against which Mysore received 322.5 mm till July 13, while it received 342 mm for the same period last year. Similarly, the taluk received extensive rain between Tuesday and Wednesday and H.D. Kote taluk recorded 49.6 mm, Hunsur (55.4 mm), K.R. Nagar (14.8 mm), Mysore (39.8 mm), Nanjangud (26.1 mm), Periyapatna (37.4 mm) and T. Narsipura received 18.4 mm of rain.