CHIKMAGALUR: The Swacha Chikmagalur Charitable Trust, which has been involved in a door-to-door primary collection of garbage in Chikmagalur for the past nine years, has announced that it will discontinue the activity from February 28.

Shubha Vijay, president of the trust, told presspersons here on Friday that the trust was not getting the cooperation it expected from the people and the municipality. She said a letter has been sent to the municipal president in this connection. Regretting that about 70 per cent of the 4,000 houses in the city did not hand over garbage to volunteers with push-carts, she said the trust did not have the power to enforce this practice. The municipal authorities have the power to make it compulsory but have not taken any action so far despite several representations.

She said that the Rs. 15 collected from each house was sometimes not sufficient to pay the salaries of the volunteers and the trust had to make up the difference. The municipality, which has to collect the garbage from the collection points, was not doing it properly and the trust was being blamed for this lapse, she added.

Geetha Venkatesh and Manjunath Joshi, secretary and treasurer of the trust, were present.