A large number of people participated in the memorial service for Rev. Fr.J.K. Thomas, the 65-year-old priest who was found murdered in his seminary on April 1 at the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral on Tuesday.

The priest, who earlier worked with the archdiocese of Kottayam, was the director of St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary in Malleswaram.

Speakers at the service said that the purpose of the memorial was also to remind investigation authorities about the brutal and unsolved murder.

Archbishop Mathew from Kottayam called him a “good friend, one without enemies”. “He rose above his right, caste, language and vocation, and worked for the church of India,” the priest said.

The crowd that had gathered included people from varied faiths and backgrounds.

Candles were lit in memory of the slain priest, and those who had worked with him spoke about his life, his message and his integrity.

The ministers of the St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary said that they now stand steadfast and united in their search for truth and justice.