Special Correspondent

GULBARGA: President of KPCC M. Mallikarjun Kharge said here on Sunday that the interim judgment passed by the Brajesh Kumar Tribunal was not entirely favourable to Karnataka; it would only partially help the State in protecting its interests.

Mr. Kharge told The Hindu here that except for the fact that the tribunal had allowed the State to continue to store water in the Alamatti Dam up to 519 m rejecting the plea of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, the other features of the interim judgement were not favourable to Karnataka.

Mr. Kharge said that the State in its argument before the tribunal made a forceful plea for allowing it to store water in the Alamatti Dam to its full height of 524 m and also urged it to put on hold all the five illegal projects taken up in the Krishna basin by Andhra Pradesh.

The tribunal in its order had not allowed the plea to increase the height of the Alamatti Dam to 524 m and had also not asked Andhra Pradesh to stop construction on irrigation projects.

Mr. Kharge urged the State Government to convene an all-party meeting immediately as was done with regard to the Cauvery water dispute after the tribunal came out with the report of the two-member committee, to enable the State to adopt a united stand on the Krishna waters issue also.

He said that the State should continue to exert pressure on the tribunal for increasing the height of the Alamatti Dam and also for passing orders to stop the illegal projects of Andhra Pradesh.