In response to the Public Eye of September 9, Suman Bangera of KHB Colony, Kavoor, writes: “We should concentrate on development of Mangalore first. There is nothing wrong with the cutting of trees for development. Those concerned about trees may plant saplings on the premises of their houses, and there are enough places in Mangalore to plant trees.

This is the only Government which has invested huge sums on infrastructure. To continue widening of roads, the Government has full support from us. Already, the corporation has paid Rs. 8 lakh to the Forest Department to plant 1,016 saplings.

I feel, people living around Valencia are more concerned about losing their lands and are making a fuss about cutting of trees. We want our Mangalore to be clean, green, and a developed city.”

Nelson Prakash Jeppu writes: “We should not be emotional about the issue and halt the progress that is also the need of the hour. We seem to generalise the entire issue. In the case of road widening to help the civilians in moving freely and saving time for reach their destiny, all these things have to be dealt with, rationally. We need broad roads and at the same time, wherever there is place, we can grow trees for ensuring environmental balance.” Rita Mabel Fernandes of Valencia says: “Trees are essential for the survival mankind.

The development activities of the city corporation are lop-sided. Tree-felling is essential in areas where the ancestors have planted trees without leaving adequate space for a four-lane road there. Environmentalists are fighting for everyone’s survival. They are trying to protect the trees which were planted by our forefathers.”