State general secretary of the Nemmadi Kendragala Noukarara Sangha M.R. Manikanta has urged the government to transfer employees of the Nemmadi Kendras across the State to the Revenue Department as the five-year contract that the State government had entered into with a private firm had ended.

“The contract ended nearly 10 months ago, and there are rumours that the State government will take charge of the Nemmadi Kendras ,” Mr. Manikanta said here recently. He said the employees had worked for the last five years for a meagre salary of Rs. 2,760 a month. “The future of the employees will be in jeopardy if the government decides to do away with their services,” Mr. Manikanta said. “If the employees are transferred to the Revenue Department, it will help over 1,600 families earn their livelihood,” he said.

Mr. Manikanta quoted a report from the Public Affairs Committee, Bangalore, which had commended the services of the kendras in as many as nine public services in the State.

The sangha would urge the government to take a quick decision in this regard, he said.

Several members participated in a meeting held in this regard in Hubli on Sunday.