In a globalised world, teaching or learning English language is no longer about reading classic literature texts. It is also about learning language and soft skills that help a student get a foothold in the job market. This requires English teachers to reorient themselves.

The British Council is conducting a series of training workshops for teachers that will focus on task-based learning, designing materials and courses, using stories, songs and pictures in the classroom, teaching pronunciation and vocabulary.

These workshops are aimed particularly at teachers from the middle and secondary sections of the school and higher education sectors in India. “The aim of the sessions is to equip teachers with effective methods, resources, practical ideas and activities that they can implement in their own classroom situations,” says a press release from the British Council.

The workshop is developed and certified by the British Council. The participants will get a certificate at the end of the workshop.

The first of the workshops is on December 19 at the British Library, 23, Kasturba Road Cross. For information on the registration process, call 080-22489220 or mail bl.bangalore@

  • It is developed and certified by the British Council
  • First of the workshops is on December 19