Mysore and surrounding regions are experiencing torrid weather conditions attributed to a combination of local and global factors.

The temperature was in the 36 to 37 degrees C range on Monday. The India Meteorological Department indicated that the maximum temperature would hover around 38 to 39 degrees C during the week, with a possibility of thunderstorm.

The local weather conditions are monitored at the Naganahalli Agricultural Research Centre, which collects weather data, including wind speed, temperature and humidity, for Mysore, Mandya and Chamarajanagar districts. The data is processed at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting in Delhi and agro-advisory bulletins are generated for the benefit of farmers in this region.

H.L. Vasanth Kumar, senior scientist at the Naganahalli research station, said this year's summer was scorching and temperatures would be 1 to 2 degrees C above average. Apart from the global influences due to deforestation and increase in pollution levels, Mr. Kumar said there were a few local factors also at play.

He told The Hindu that pre-monsoon showers that lashed the region during March and April had failed as low pressure was not being created. “In addition to creation of a low pressure area, there should be substantial relative humidity in the region for it to rain. In the absence of any moisture, it is warm early in the day,” said Mr. Kumar.

While the surface soil was warming up early in the day in the absence of moisture, incoming radiation was also high, adding to the searing heat, he added.

Mysore is under agro-climatic zone 6, and falls under the southern dry zone where rainfall is bimodal in nature. The monsoon pattern is slightly different in the region, where early monsoon is assured but slackens during July and August, only to gain strength during September and October.

This is supplemented by rains in the post-monsoon season. “However, post-monsoon showers have failed this year,” he added.

April is reckoned to be the hottest for Mysore with the mean temperature being 34 degrees C, though it is known to breach the 36 degree C mark sometimes.

The forecast for Mandya and Chamarajanagar districts indicates that the temperature could hover around 39 degrees C during the week.