It is intended to attract students to sciences

Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University T.C. Shivashankara Murthy said here on Tuesday that the university will award Rs. 5,000 a year as scholarship to each of 400 top scorers in science stream in undergraduate courses from the academic year 2013-14.

The measure, he said, was aimed at attracting students to basic science.

Prof. Murthy was addressing students and teachers after inaugurating a two-day seminar on “Basic science courses at the undergraduate level, present prospects and future challenges” at the Canara First Grade College.

Later speaking to The Hindu, the Vice-Chancellor said that only students who took up physics, chemistry, mathematics, botany and zoology were eligible for the scholarship. The top scorers would be selected on the basis of their performance in the first semester examinations.

Prof. Murthy said the scholarship awarded to a student in the first year would continue in the second and third year of the course. Thus a student would get Rs. 15,000 in three years. The university would have to budget Rs. 20 lakh for the scheme and the Finance Committee had given approval. This proposal would be placed before the meeting of the next syndicate for approval.

He said a committee would be formed to decide whether the candidates should be selected on the basis of their performance in each subject or a combination of subjects in Bachelor of Science course.

The Vice-Chancellor said that if the same student wanted to purse post-graduation in basic science, the university was ready to continue the scholarship.

Earlier addressing the students and teachers, Prof. Murthy said that at the global level the achievement of India in basic science research was meagre. Only 16 (research) papers from Indian researchers got published in “high impact factor science journals” in the world in the past five years.

In the “rat race” students were sidelining basic science.

Former Vice-Chancellor of the then Manipal Academy of Higher Education and cardiologist B.M. Hegde said that science was curiosity. It was a method to understand science.

  • 400 top scorers will be selected based on their first semester performance

  • The students will get Rs. 5000 each every year for three years, says Prof. Murthy