A tiger was found dead in the Antharsanthe range of the Nagarahole National Park on Friday. The carcass had been partially consumed by a carnivore and scavenging birds, and hence, the sex of the animal could not be established.

The death is being attributed to territorial fight with a dominant tiger in the area. Senior Forest Department officials visited the spot and collected samples. The viscera of the carcass has been collected and sent for laboratory analysis.

This is the fifth tiger to have been found dead — reportedly due to natural causes, poisoning or territorial fight — in the Nagarahole forests since January.


The police arrested a person for allegedly poisoning a tiger in H.D. Kote last month. The accused has been identified as Swami Gowda, resident of Veerahalli B. colony. H

e allegedly poisoned the tiger as it had preyed on his livestock. His accomplice, Nage Gowda, is absconding.