Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

Bangalore: For over half a century now, a grand Dasara celebration has been taking place in the area fittingly called Jaya Chamarajendra Nagar (J.C. Nagar), named after the last king of Mysore before it ceased to be a princely State.

According to R. Madhusudhan, convener of the Dasara Committee, the tradition has a connection with the Indian Military. The responsibility for organising this Nada Habba has now been taken over by the area MLA.

“Soldiers from the Mysore Lancers division were responsible for starting this event after they were victorious in a battle. They vowed that they would celebrate their victory by organising a grand Dasara event if they won, and that is how this event started,” said Mr. Madhusudhan.

The interesting part of the event is that it is well known as a “secular dasara” with Muslims participating in large numbers in it. The celebrations this year began on September 19 and will go on till September 28.