Sanjana Devarmani of Sharanabasaveshwar Residential Composite Pre-University College has brought laurels to the district, securing 95 per cent in the PU examination.

Daughter of doctor couple Meenakshi and Shivanand Devarmani, Sanjana secured 100 out of 100 in Physics and Chemistry and 97 each in Mathematics and Biology. She secured 570 marks out of 600 in the exam. What's more commendable is that Sanjana didn't take special tuition.

She aspires to be a doctor. “I have done well in CET and hope to secure a good rank in the medical stream and get admission into a reputed medical college,” she said.

The performance of students such as Sanjana; Jayant Nadiger of the Sri Guru Independent Pre-University College, who secured 93.5 per cent; Sudhakar Gurunath of Sri Guru Vidyapeeta Residential Pre-University College, who got 93.3 per cent; and Shivashankar Kamalakar of Sarvagnya Pre-University College, who secured 92 per cent, stood out after the district's dismal show in the PU examination.

Sanjana Devarmani secured 95 per cent in PU exam