When the II Pre-University (PU) results were announced on Tuesday, some students were on top of the world. All those hours of listening to lectures with rapt attention, time spent in the library and long nights dedicated to rigorous studying did not go in vain as they managed to get scores most students only dream of. But it was not without persistent hard work and preparation that these students have been able to achieve success.

Megha P., a student of Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College, who secured an overall percentage of 98.75 per cent in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB), shared the strategy she employed to prepare for the exams. “I studied every day and planned everything in advance. The timetable I formulated helped a great deal in focussing and studying,” she said.

Other achievers too attributed their good results to proper planning. Anuj S., a student of Vijaya Composite PU College who has secured 97.75 per cent in PCMB, said: “I started preparations right from day one.”

Not everyone was content though, with some feeling they should have got more. Ajay Singhvi, a student of Deeksha Centre for Learning PU College, who secured 100 in Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science, said: “I was not very happy with my overall marks, especially languages. Out of the 21 marks I lost, 19 were in languages.”

The toppers also had some advice for their peers. Megha pointed out that the key lay in proper planning. “One has to work smart and not just work hard. Knowing what to study and understanding the basics help a lot during exams.”

Ajay explained that remaining relaxed during exams is very important. “One might know the subject very well. However, if one panics, he might not be able to translate all the learning into good answers.”