Dressed in colourful skirts and with messages taped onto their T-shirts, a group of 25 men from different walks of life gathered at Cubbon Park here, pledging their support to women and their rights.

The men, company professionals and entrepreneurs among them, took a pledge to be sensitive to gender issues.

The brainchild of Samarpita Samaddar, a communications professional, and Aditya Mallya, an entrepreneur, this initiative was galvanised through Facebook.

“The message we wanted give to the world was that a particular dress does not lead to sexual harassment or rape of a woman,” Ms. Samarpita told PTI.

“Though we received a response from over 500 men across the country, [only] in reality only 25 men actually turned up in skirts, which I think is also a big thing as it takes a lot for a man to dress like a woman,” Ms. Samarpita said. — PTI

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