Staff Reporter

‘Stock will last at least a week’

BANGALORE: Amid reports of some petrol stations in the city going dry on Thursday too, public sector oil companies denied any fuel shortage saying there is enough stock to last at least a week in the State.

A statement issued by B. Ashok, General Manager, Indian Oil Corporation, Karnataka, referred to reports of petrol pumps going dry and resorting to selling only premium fuel.

He said, “There is no scarcity/shortage of petrol and diesel in Karnataka and customers are requested not to panic.”

Against a requirement of 1,915 KL of petrol and 4,705 KL of diesel for Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural and adjoining districts, as on Thursday, the oil companies have adequate supplies at their bulk storage depots and terminals, stocking 13,407 KL of petrol and 33,000 KL of diesel, respectively, Mr. Ashok said. The stock is adequate to meet at least seven or eight days demand, which is the normal inventory held by oil companies at the shortage points. Supplies will continue to be replenished on a daily basis to meet the demand in the State.

On branded fuels, he said, “There is no forced selling of branded fuels at retail outlets and the dealers have been directed to maintain adequate stock of regular fuel to cater to the needs of the customers.”