Staff Correspondent

Belgaum: The “Ikebana Floral Art” exhibition at the Jade Hall in Eefa Hotel here was the place where two different art forms came together.

It was a captivating show when local landscape designer Krishna Chavan and flautist Ravishankar Mishra of Mysore and tabla player Ravikiran Nakod of Dharwad took their positions for a wonderful performance.

The show was jointly sponsored by Eefa and Ratnashri Landscapers and organised by Yash Communications on the second day of the three-day exhibition, which concluded on Wednesday. The show took off with Mr. Chavan preparing a natural base for the ikebana on one side and Ravishankar systematically unfolding musical ideas on the melodic axis of “Yaman” raga.

Subsequently, as the composition was elaborated over a slow rhythmic tempo, the ikebana arrangement started taking shape. And, as the melody progressed to a faster tempo over a “drut gat” and climaxed to “jhala”, Mr. Krishna gave the final touches to the arrangement.