The texts in a Yakshagana book on Jain philosophy, released in Mangalore University on Thursday, meet the requirement for short duration shows, said Prabhakar Shishila, an author of the books on the performing art and a critic.

Speaking on the contents in four books, including Jina Yakshagana, Mr. Prabhakar said that the six prasangas (texts) on Jain philosophy could be adapted easily to short duration shows of two-and-half hours or three hours each.

The six prasangas included Kamatopasarga, Chakreshwara Vajranatha, Sri Theerthankara Udhbhawa (all based on Parshwanatha Charithe), Jwalamalini Devi Udhbhawa, Acharya Samantha Bhadra and Ashaneesha Vijaya (all based on Jwalamalini Mahatme). They have been edited by K.M. Raghava Nambiyar, a researcher on Yakshagana.

Mr. Prabhakar said that the texts revealed that there was not much difference between Hindu mythology and Jain mythology. The major difference in Yakshagana texts of both the mythologies was that the Jain mythology did not have ‘rakshasa’ (demon) characters.


He said that stories from ‘Panchatantra’ could be adapted as Yakshagana texts for children. No effort had been made in this regard.

The other three books released were Yakshataru by Amrut Someshwar; Kota Shivarama Karanth: Yakshagana Chintane mattu Prayoga , a collection of articles on the late Karanth’s works on Yakshagana, edited by K. Chinnappa Gowda; and Yaksha Kedage , a collection of series of lectures on Yakshagana.

They have been published by P. Dayanand Pai and P. Satish Pai Yakshagana Adhyayana Kendra in the university. Mr. Prabhakar said that the Jnanpith Award winner had adapted Yakshagana songs to ballet-type dance within the Yakshagana format.