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Three-member team to participate in international kite festival

The team leaves on its 10-day trip on Friday To showcase Kathakali kite, Yakshagana kites in both Thenkuthittu and Badagathittu styles To participate in international kite festivals in France and Saudi Arabia later this year

MANGALORE: The azure skies of Istanbul beckon Team Mangalore, a group of intrepid kite flyers. After conquering the skies of France and Britain last year with their unique kite designs based on local motifs, the team members have now been invited by the Istanbul Kite Flyers' Association to participate in an international kite festival being organised in the Turkish capital.

The three-member team of B. Sarvesh Rao, Giridhar Kamath and Nithin J. Shetty will leave on the 10-day trip on Friday and reach Istanbul on Saturday.


The organisers have scheduled a meeting of all participating kite flyers on Sunday. The pre-festival kite flying will be held on Tuesday, followed by an interaction with the local media on Thursday.

Mr. Kamath told The Hindu that the participants would meet Istanbul metropolitan authority president Kadir Topbas on Thursday.

"The organisers have arranged for sight seeing in and around Istanbul. The actual festival will be held on June 25 with possibly one more day of flying at another venue either on June 24 or June 26," he said


Stating that the team was showcasing its now familiar kite designs, including the famed Kathakali kite and Yakshagana kites in both Thenkuthittu and Badagathittu styles, Mr. Kamath said citizens there would be able to see other kites created by the team. These include the bat and the Indian fighter kite train series.

"We are taking 15 kinds of kites to Istanbul," he said.

The website of Team Mangalore,, caught the attention of the organisers.

"Normally, they ask other participants to send their resume and kite designs to them beforehand. Since all these details are available on our website, they did not insist on the formalities. They wanted us to feature specific kites at their event," Mr. Kamath said.

Other festivals

Team Mangalore will showcase its wares at international kite festivals at Dieppe in France in September and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in October.

"We have been requested by the Union Ministry of Cultural Affairs to represent India at the Jeddah event. We are in touch with the authorities at Jeddah and have sought clearance for a few of our kites," he added.