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Allegations of abuse against school administrator

Files complaint with police that she was not paid eight months’ salary

Administrator denies charge, says teacher was made to pay for stolen books

DAVANGERE: Shakuntala, a teacher in a CBSE school in Harihar, attempted suicide on August 29 after being allegedly abused and harrassed by the school administrator.

Ms. Shankuntala, who is now out of danger, was in a critical condition for three days after being admitted to the General Hospital in Harihar on August 29.


She has filed a complaint with the police stating that the administrator had abused her caste whenever she had gone to him to collect her in the last eight months.

She said that the school had not paid her for the last eight months, and whenever she had asked for her salary, the administrator told her that the school was in a bad financial shape and asked her to wait longer. Ms. Shakuntala, who continued to work although she was not paid salay all these months, was in dire need of money as her father had suffered a paralytic stroke and was admitted to hospital.

When she went to the administrator and requested him to pay at least half the money due to her, he allegedly refused and instead complained that she had stolen books from the school library and said that the value of the books that she had allegedly stolen was equivalent to the money due to her.

Pushed away

She also complained that the administrator had pushed her away from his chamber. She stated that she was deeply hurt by the behaviour of the administrator and hence had tried to commit suicide.

The police have registered a case and are investigating.