Chief Conservator of Forests Radhadevi has emphasised the importance of tapping renewable sources of energy to meet the present and future demands of energy, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Speaking after inaugurating the 20th district-level National Science Congress 2012 at the S.G.S. Convent School here on Friday, Ms. Radhadevi said that since renewable sources of energy were available in abundance, they should be tapped to bridge the gap between energy production and demand.


The theme of the science congress was ‘Energy: explore, harness and conserve’. Students in the 10 to 17 age group , from more than 50 educational institutions, submitted their projects on the theme during the event; of this, 10 would be selected from the senior and junior divisions and they would participate at the State-level National Science Congress in Madikeri from November 23 to 25.

Ms. Radhadevi said that over-dependence on fossil fuels had resulted in a big gap between the demand and supply of energy. Renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar energy and biofuel, were the answer to the present energy crisis, she said.

She said that two decades ago, nobody believed that one would have to purchase drinking water. The day was not far when people would be forced to purchase oxygen due to a sharp reduction in green cover. “Trees are an important source of oxygen, and indiscriminately felling them has not only degraded the environment but also affected oxygen production,” she said. Increasing green cover was the only answer to stop the degradation of the environment.

Ms. Radhadevi also said that the increasing number of natural calamities, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and droughts, and other drastic changes in climatic conditions were the result of environmental degradation.

Girish Kadlewad of the Karnataka Rajya Vigyan Parishat said that more than 10,000 children in the 10 to17 age group were participating in the event held simultaneously in all districts.

He added that 10 teams would be selected during the State-level National Science Congress inMadikeri. Those teams would participate in the National Science Congress scheduled to be held in Uttar Pradesh in December this year.

  • ‘Over-dependence on fossil fuels has resulted in a big gap between energy demand and supply’

  • More than 10,000 children are participating in the district-level science congress