Horse-racing aficionados can breathe a sigh of relief with the announcement that the Winter Derby will be held on Friday, after jamadars, farriers, riding boys and syces called off their strike late on Thursday evening.

“We have agreed to call off the strike, and the Winter Derby will be held on Friday,” said H.G. Andanaiah, general-secretary of the Karnataka Race Kudhure Karmikara Kshemabhivrudhi Sangha.

While preceding days saw hectic parleys failing between Karnataka Trainers' Association and the sangha, the talks achieved a breakthrough on Thursday evening after the trainers' association agreed to pay Rs. 7,000 per month as salary (including Rs. 626 per month as Provident Fund) to the syces coming under the sangha.

“The sangha had started the talks with a demand of Rs. 15,000 as salary per month, while we [Trainers' Association] had said Rs. 5,800 would be given. Ultimately, both parties settled for Rs. 7,000 per month,” B. Puttanna, president of the trainers' association told The Hindu .

However, Mr. Andanaiah said that though the sangha was happy with the compromise, other demands would be presented to the association in the coming days.

“For now, we are happy that one of the demands has been met. However, the salaries for jamadars, farriers and riding boys have not yet been fixed, and we shall be presenting these demands soon,” he said.

‘Both parties settled for

Rs. 7,000 per month for syces'