Deputy Commissioner Shivayogi Kalasad said the government has released Rs. 5.17 crore pending money to the sugarcane farmers of Sindgi and Indi taluks of the district under the special benefit scheme.

The amount was pending to be given by the government for the uncrushed sugarcane, which had caused heavy loss for the sugarcane farmers here.

The release said that while Rs. 3.15 crore had been remitted in the account of Indi Tahsildar, Rs. 2.01 crore had been deposited in the account of Sindgi Tahsildar for distribution among the beneficiaries.

In another release, Mr. Kalasad has directed three sugar mills of the district to pay the balance amount to the sugarcane farmers pending for months.

He said that Shivakumar Swamiji Sugar Mill of Indi owed Rs. 14.59 crore, Indian Sugars of Indi taluk Rs. 7.13 crore and Manali Sugars Private Limited of Sindgi taluk Rs. 1.84 crore to be paid to the farmers.

He warned that if the payment is not made immediately, then the mills would have to pay 15 per cent interest with the balance money, the release added.