M.I. Savadatti, former Vice-Chancellor of Mangalore University, has called upon students to take up research work, instead of merely focussing on completing an engineering course and joining a job.

Inaugurating the National Science Day function at the Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology here on Thursday, Prof. Savadatti said that the intention of students was only to complete a course and join a job and settle down in life. Hardly any student was thinking of taking up research work, achieving something extraordinary that would contribute to country’s progress, he said.

It was up to the teaching faculty to motivate students to take up research work. He expressed his concern over a growing feeling among students that the study of physics, chemistry and mathematics was useless in the present-day context.

Prof. Savadatti said that the present system of examination had to be changed as students were inclined to limit their studies to whatever was prescribed.

The syllabus should be framed in such a way that the students were encouraged to learn more about the subjects, he added.