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Lahoti delivered the convocation address at the University of Mysore on Monday

Lahoti regretted that the colonial legacy still influences the present education system 14,731 candidates were conferred degrees 185 candidates received gold medals and cash prizes

MYSORE: Former Chief Justice of India R.C. Lahoti on Monday said that it is unfortunate that the current education system is still largely influenced by the British legacy .

Mr. Lahoti was delivering the 86th convocation address of the University of Mysore. He said British rulers handed down a system tailor made for their gain with a view to create literate and not educated men who could assist in administration. Quoting from the "Gandhian Alternative", a series analysing the Gandhian world order in today's context, he said Mahatma Gandhi visualised an education system that would achieve the integrated development of the three Hs-the hand, the head and the heart.

'Knowledge is power'

Knowledge is a source of power and education is source of knowledge, he said. He felt that education is not merely stuffing the minds of students with bookish knowledge. "According to Bertrand Russell and Gandhiji, the purpose of education is to develop an integrated personality," he added. "Whether it is for higher studies or your career ahead, whether it is a question of gaining success in your chosen career, or a question of assessing your utility in the society, you cannot reach the goal unless you adopt excellence as your mantra," Mr. Lahoti said.

Gandhian principles

Recalling his speech on the occasion of Law Day on November 26, 2004, Mr. Lahoti said excellence consists of initiative, intelligence, industry, integrity and an unobtrusive personality.

Quoting from the teachings of Buddha, Gandhiji, Aristotle, Omar Khayyam and others, the former Chief Justice advised students to have a goal in life and value time.

Governor T.N. Chaturvedi conferred Honoris Causa degree on Chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) G. Madhavan Nair for his contribution to science, and to the former Minister, M.Y. Ghorpade for his contribution to the field of panchayat raj and rural development.

Another recipient of the honorary doctorate, Lakshmi Devi Kadidal, selected for her contribution to literature, was awarded the degree in-absentia as she did not attend the convocation owing to ill-health. University authorities will hand over the degree at her residence at a later date.

Gold medals

In all, 14,731 candidates were conferred with different degrees of whom 7,465 were women candidates. While 165 Ph.Ds were awarded in five faculties, 185 candidates received gold medals and cash prizes. 12,777 candidates received their bachelor's degree.

Governor Chaturvedi, Minister for Higher Education D. Manjunath, Vice-Chancellor of Mysore University J. Shashidhar Prasad, and Registrars N.D. Tiwari and Ahmed Hasan were present.