Gregory Smiley, co-founder of the Mahiti Media Services, has underscored the need to equip students pursuing Information Technology and Computer Science courses with skills to analyse and process the Big Data.

He was speaking at a conference on Information and Communication Technologies at the PES Institute of Technology and Management here on Monday.

Owing to advancements in Information Technology, the existing business firms had mountains of digital data, popularly known as Big Data, at their disposal.

The social network sites were also major sources of Big Data. This data source could be used to analyse business trends, consumer behaviour and in framing government policies. Students should be apprised of crowd-sourcing, data-fusion and integration, signal processing and visualisation technologies, used in the analysis and processing of the Big Data, he said.

There was immense scope for persons with creative minds in this sector as they could explore new methods of using the huge volume of data, he said.