Students of M.M.K. College of Visual Arts here had a rare opportunity of working with artists Gyanesh Ranjan Mishra and A. Jayaraman of the Regional Design and Technical Centre, Bangalore, to upgrade their skills on preserving traditional crafts, particularly terracotta, using latest advances.

The Ideal Fine Arts Society and Regional Design and Technical Centre, Bangalore, had organised a 10-day workshop on terracotta for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Mr. Mishra and Mr. Jayaraman told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the centre was devoted towards protecting traditional crafts, including terracotta, woodcraft, textile (boutique and block printing), bamboo craft, bronze works and wood etching by upgrading old tools, technique and design.

Mr. Mishra said the centre was involved in research and development for improving the design of traditional crafts. He said one of the features of the centre’s activities was that it used natural dye extracted from vegetables and fruits. The centre was also offering a 21-day course for artisans in wood etching, pottery, textile designing and bronze work. Anybody can join the course and there is no age bar, he added.

Mr. Jayaraman said the purpose of holding workshops in art schools was to modify the tools already available, and enable teachers to train students with new techniques.