More than 2,500 workers went on an indefinite “tool-down” strike at auto component manufacturer Bosch’s facility at Adugodi on Thursday afternoon.

The strike, the second in less than 18 months, was sparked off by the suspension of a worker on Thursday. The company’s “unilateral” move to implement productivity-related measures without arriving at a consensus sparked the stand-off, said Prasanna Kumar, president of the Mico Employees’ Association. However, Bosch claimed the suspension arose from an act of “indiscipline” by the worker.

According to Mr. Prasanna Kumar, the management decided to implement productivity measures based on “time and motion studies” that have been conducted three times without clearing the reservations that the workers have. “The study, which is a means of estimating the productivity on the shop floor, ought to have been implemented in a transparent manner,” he contended.

He alleged that even though an agreement was in sight, the management had suspended a worker on Tuesday in a move aimed at pressurising the workers to a settlement that is against their interest. He said the management had also cancelled the annual loan that it normally extended to workers. He said the facility is part of the general settlement between the union and the management.

Bosch termed the strike “illegal” because the union had failed to abide by the legal requirement of a 7-day strike notice period to the management. It also claimed the workers have been on a “go-slow” for the last three months, which had affected productivity by 40 per cent.

  • Suspension of a worker triggered the strike

  • It is the second strike in less than 18 months