Bhram (Hindi)

Cast: Dino Morea, Milind Soman, Sheetal Menon

Director: Pawan Kaul

For quite some time Dino Morea is trying to be his own man at the box office. Unfortunately, nobody is doing him any favours. Director Pawan Kaul joins the list with a film so insipid as to be a challenge of patience. A few minutes into the film and you wonder if you can sit through this one.

At the end, it gives you one lesson: model-turned actors are non-actors. And Kaul does not have the director’s acumen to deliver with a story that promises, and a setting that is hip and appealing for the multiplex crowd.

Kaul has two heroes: Dino and Milind Soman. The story has lots of promise, the actors less so. Soman looks hideous with his long locks and Morea looks perpetually perplexed, wearing the same expression from bedroom to boardroom. And Sheetal Menon as a girl who cannot let go of the past, real or imaginary, is a complete washout in her first film. She walks like a model, talks like a beginner. Really, Bhram does nobody any favours. Get rid of any illusion of catching up with this film.