The Karnataka chapter of the All-India Christian Council (AICC) and the Karnataka Missions Network have demanded that violence against Christians be stopped and the rule of law must prevail.

Addressing presspersons here on Monday, leaders of these organisations expressed concern over the “continuing violence” against the Christian community, which in recent weeks had been manifested through the attacks on three churches.

State president of AICC M.F. Saldanha said that constitutional rights must be enforced and preventive measures taken to ensure that violence against minorities did not continue. “There are adequate laws, but still no action is being taken,” he said. Although, there had been instances of violence against people of minority communities in Gujarat, Orissa and Karnataka, it was only in Karnataka that violence had not stopped. In the other two States, violence appeared to have abated. Chairman of the Karnataka Missions Network Walter J. Maben said that the State government had been promising action on the issue. “The only action the State government has taken till now is to withdraw cases against those involved in the attacks,” he said.