Stone Tech International Systems and services established in 1990 is focusing on Stone Technology Development.

Represents many Italian companies and brings the latest developments in machineries and consumables for granite and stone industries Stone Tech International in collaboration with Bideseimpianti of Italy has set up Diamond Tool Technology Centre for awareness and propagation of Diamond Tool usage in the granite and stone industry and bringing first Gold 60 energy saving eco-friendly machine to Karnataka in Malur Industrial Area near Bangalore, with a capacity of 216,000 Sq. Mts. 2cm thick slabs adopting the latest technology of Diamond Multiwire sawing Gold-60 from Bideseimpianti, Italy.

The Multiwire technology will result in a saving of 90% of energy. One Sq. Mt of slab consumes 2 KW of power as compared to 12 to 15 KW in the case of conventional gangsaws. For an annual production of 216,000 Sq. Mt the energy saving will be around 2.2 million Units. In terms of value it is about Rs.11.00 million.

There are several other advantages - 85% reduction in manpower, 80% in pollution and 30% reduction in polishing cost apart from the fact that the diamond wire technology has the fastest rate of cutting granite slabs in the ratio of 1:10.